DANH SÁCH CÂU HỎIChuyên mục: Hỏi về ngữ phápCâu”english is widely used” tại sao dùng trạng từ widely và sử dụng như thế nào trong trường hợp nào
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English [tiếng Anh] is [được] widely[rộng rãi] used [sử dụng]

Phrase: world wide [khắp thế giới]

  • It could be to convey the idea that English is used around the world/ spoken by a lot of people, countries, etc.
  • widely means rộng rãi


Megan looked ready to laugh but smiled widely instead.

"What is this?" thought Nicholas, listening to her with widely opened eyes.

Rules of evidence are widely known and honored.

Antimony is widely diffused throughout Australia, and is sometimes found associated with gold.

Tea is widely grown in India.

His intelligence is widely recognized.

Japanese currency is widely used here.

This book is widely available in libraries.

I know a poet whose poems are widely read.