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(Dayhoctienganh.Net) Bài viết này là phần 13 / 15 trong loạt bài Đề thi chứng chỉ B .
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Paper 1




In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For each question, 1 to 20, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

1) They tried to extinguish the flames.

A/ take off B/ put out C/ get off D/ get out of

2) It performs arithmetic functions perfectly well.

A/ accomplishes B/ gives C/ takes D/ presents

3) I wonder if there is a concrete solution for the problem.

A/ reasonable B/ valid C/ temporary D/ solid

4) He was chased across Regent’s Park and was finally captured at a hot dog stall.

A/ seen B/ shot C/ arrested D/ released

5) The strike began last weekend after a worker had been sacked.

A/ employed B/ dismissed C/ separate D/ injured

6) While he … the poster, a door behind him opened.     

A/ stared at B/ was staring at C/ has stared D/ had stared

7) Drivers have been warned to be careful … locking their doors.

A/ for B/ about C/ of D/ at

8) I got everyone in the family … Jane’s birthday card.

A/ sign B/ signed C/ to sign D/ having signed

9) We can never forget Mrs. Goddard, … taught us English composition.

A/ who B/ that C/ whom D/ A and B are correct

10) We have much pleasure in … the invitation to your wedding.

A/ accepting B/ thanking C/ taking D/ welcoming

11) She’s very well … and I encouraged her to go back to work.

A/ intelligent B/ experience C/ training D/ qualified

12) If we …in further research now, we’ll be ready to face the future.

A/ invest B/ protest C/ rely D/ conserve

13) Active: No one has ever asked me that question before.


A/ That question has ever been asked me by no one before.

B/ That question has never been asked me before by any one.

C/ I have not ever been asked that question before.

D/ I have never been asked that question before.

14) Direct: The teacher said to us, “Don’t make so much noise”.


A/ The teacher said we didn’t make so much noise.

B/ The teacher told us that we didn’t make so much noise.

C/ The teacher asked us not to make so much noise.

D/ The teacher ordered us if we didn’t make so much noise.

15) … people go to the movies now than ten years ago.

A/ Less B/ Lesser C/ Few D/ Fewer

16) The speaker said … nothing worth listening to.

A/ complete B/ almost C/ quite D/ completely

17) It is necessary that you … here at 9 a.m tomorrow.

A/ would be B/ be C/ will be being D/ would have been

18) It’s too bad we lost the game. If you … for us, we …

A/ play – shall win.

B/ played – should win

C/ had played – should have won.

D/ had played – should win.

19) He … unless he heard some news.

A/ will not write C/ would not wrote
B/ would not write D/ would write

20) While attempting to reach his home before the storm …

A/ the bicycle of Tom broke down.

B/ it happened that Tom’s bike broke down.

C/ the storm caught Tom

D/ Tom had an accident on his bicycle.



In this section you will find after the passage five questions of unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best. For each question, 21 to 25, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

The early expansion of the sugar industry was based on cane transported from two different parts of the Orient, first from India and second from the islands of the Southwest Pacific. From India, sugar cane was carried through the western regions of Asia into Arabia and later into the countries bordering on the Mediterranean. It was established in Sicily in about A.D. 703 and was carried to Spain in about A.D. 755. As early as A.D 1150, Spain had at least 75,000 acres of cane. During this early period sugar cane was grown largely to supply local wants. The Crusades were partly responsible for the further expansion and improvement of the sugar industry and for interesting Europeans in the use of sugar.


21) From this passage, sugar cane was first grown in ….

A/ Europe B/ the Orient C/ Arabia D/ Sicily

22) Sugar cane was first introduced into Spain in …..

A/ A.D 703 B/ A.D 755 C/ A.D 1150 D/ A.D 1419

23) In the twelfth century, most cane was grown …

A/ for exportation

B/ for industrial uses

C/ for sale in the large market cities

D/ For local use

24) One thing that caused the sugar industry to expand in Europe was …

A/ the favorable climate in the Orient

B/ the Crusades

C/ better means of transportation

D/ that came from the different parts of the Orient

25) Cane was transported …

A/ from islands of the Southwest Pacific, to India, to Asia and then to Spain.

B/ from the islands of the Southwest Pacific, to the western areas of Asia and then to the countries near the Mediterranean.

C/ from India to the Southwest Pacific, to Asia, into Arabia and then to the countries bordering the Mediterranean.

D/ from India to Asia into Arabia and then to the countries on the border of Mediterranean.


Paper 2




A/ Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each space.

(26) … June 14th , in Carmel, Indiana, a woman saw a large strange bright light moving around (27) … the sky. The woman, Mrs Dora Gabb, 34, phoned the police and spoke to Patrolman Conrad Brown, who came straight (28) … her house to (29) … When he arrived, there was (30) … to be seen, but ten minutes later, Mrs Gabb’s 14-year-old daughter, Leslie, (31) … into the house screaming. Leslie (32) … that she and a girfriend were (33) … on motorbikes in the woods (34) … they saw “a large object, bigger than a house” directly in front of them. It had a green top, white sides, a reddish purple tail, and light of purple, green, gold, red and blue. It (35) … no sound. The girls’ motorbikes stopped (36) … and the girls “felt strange”. The (37) … came down lower and (38) … for some time about 100 feet (39) … the ground, not moving. Then with a wistling sound, it left at high (40) ….



Build a complete sentence with the given words.

41) driver/ stop / car / time / save / child

42) uncle / impossible / home / lunch

43) After / I / entered / house / it / to rain

44) You / should / careful / driving / this city

45) weather / too bad / us / go / picnic

46) When / meet / her / talking / teacher

47) My mother / preferred / me / go shopping / her

48) When we / have / dinner / we / go / out for a walk

49) The noise / the traffic / prevented / me / go to sleep

50) We / go airport / see / off / last


C/ Rewrite the following sentences without changing their original meaning. Begin with the given words.


51) It will be too late, if we don’t start conserving fossil fuels now.

Unless ………………………………………….

52) “Don’t bathe when the red flag is flying,” sad the lifeguard.

The lifeguard warned them …………………………….

53) We shouldn’t be impolite to our parents in any circumstance.

In ……………………………………………………….

54) Unless you water those flowers regularly, they will wither.

If you ……………………………………

55) We have made great progress in our economy in the last few years.

Great progress …………………………………..




Write a composition from 80 to 120 words on this topic:

A friend of yours, living abroad, wants to visit your city for some days. Write a letter telling him/ her what there is to see in your city.