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(Dayhoctienganh.Net) Bài viết này là phần 12 / 15 trong loạt bài Đề thi chứng chỉ B .
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Paper 1




In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. For each question, 1 to 20, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.


1) Darwin was a … scientist in the nineteenth century.

A/ world-wide B/ fantastic C/ shining D/ brilliant

2) My father jogs a … of miles every morning.

A/ couple B/ double C/ little D/ some

3) Don’t … bad habits in a child.

A/ persuade B/ encourage C/ communicate D/ improve

4) She … her parents for the failure of her marriage.

A/ quarreled B/ blamed C/ relieved D/ objected

5) We felt very … to hear you were safe.

A/ worried B/ confusing C/ relieved D/ convenient

6) Having … the table, Mrs. Robert called the family for dinner.

A/ laid B/ ordred C/ finished D/ prepared

7) The team’s success was largely … our efforts.

A/ because B/ come from C/ by D/ due to

8) I was … to go out when you telephoned.

A/ plan B/ about C/ nearly D/ just

9) Take this road and you will .. at the hotel in five minutes.

A/ come B/ reach C/ find D/ arrive

10) Dr. Nam was believed … in New York.

A/ had lived B/ having lived C/ to be living D/ living

11) I feel as if my head … on fire now, doctor.

A/ were B/ is C/ is being D/ has been

12) It was difficult to … a date which was convenient for everyone.

A/ organise B/ arrange C/ make D/ provide

13) When I first came here, they … this bridge yet.

A/ didn’t build C/ hadn’t built
B/ weren’t building D/ wouldn’t build

14) Sunday is a holiday, … most people rest.

A/ which B/ that C/ where D/ when

15) Only when he is here … English.

A/ he has spoken C/ speaks he
B/ he speaks D/ does he speak

16) If I knew you … busy, I wouldn’t disturb you.

A/ were B/ had been C/ are D/ would be

17) We both worked for three hours, … she paid John more than me.

A/ although B/ even C/ therefore D/ yet

18) The man … towards us is an engineer.

A/ coming B/ comes C/ is coming D/ to come

19) They … for Paris by 6 a.m tomorrow.

A/ has left B/ will have left C/ will leave D/ will be leaving

20) We are not used … late at night.

A/ for studying B/ to studying C/ to study D/ being studied



In this section you will find after the passage five questions of unfinished statements about the passage, each with four suggested answers or ways of finishing. You must choose the one which you think fits best. For each question, 21 to 25, indicate the letter A, B, C or D against the number of the question.

In 1920, after some thirty-nine years of problems with disease, high costs, and politics, the Panama Canal was officially opened, finally linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by allowing ships to pass through the fifty-mile canal zone instead of traveling some seven thousand miles around Cape Horn. It takes a ship approximately eight hours to complete the trip through the canal and costs an average of fifteen thousand dollars, one-tenth of what it would cost an average ship to round the Horn. More than fifteen thousand ships pass through its locks each year.

The French initiated the project but sold their rights to the United States. The latter will control it until the end of the twentieth century when panama takes over its duties.

21) Who currently controls the Panama Canal?

A/ The United States B/ Panama C/ France D/ the Canal Zone

22) In approximately what year will a different government take control of tha Panama Canal?

A/ 2100 B/ 3000 C/ 2999 D/ 2000

23) On the average, how much would it cost a ship to travel around Cape Horn?

A/ $ 1,555 B/ $ 15,000 C/ $ 150,000 D/ $ 1,500,000

24) In what year was the construction propably begun on the canal?

A/ 1881 B/ 1939 C/ 1920 d/ 1999

25) What can be inferred from this reading?

A/ This is a costly project which should be reevaluated.

B/ Despite all the problems involved, the project is beneficial.

C/ Many captains prefer to sail around Cape Horn because it is less expensive.

D/ Due to all the problems, three governments have had to control the canal over the years.

Paper 2





A/ Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only ONE word in each space.


In the thirteenth-century Wales there was a handsome young prince called Llewellyn. He was very fond of hunting and used to go out (26) … the forests, and mountains with his favourite hunting-dog, (27) … name was Gelert. (28) … day, however, he left Gelert (29) … home to guard his baby son, who was only a few months (30) … . In the evening when the prince (31) … from hunting he saw that his house was (32) … a terrible mess. The furniture (33) … been knocked over and there was blood on the walls. He could not find his baby son. Then he saw his dog Gelert running towards him, covered (34) … blood. The prince thought that the dog had attacked and killed his son. He (35) … violently angry, drew his sword and killed the dog with one blow.

However, when he looked around his house more carefully he found his son lying under a chair, alive (36) … well. Then he saw the dead body of huge wolf. He realised that Gelert had (37) … his son’s life by fighting and killing the wolf. The prince was horrified (38) … the mistake he had made and when he buried the dog, he built an enormous pile (39) … stones to mark spot, which can still be seen today. He never (40) … hunting again.



Build a complete sentence with the given words.


41) Mr. / not interested / buy / new / car

42) because / heavy rain / students / late / class

43) you know / Mary / engaged / friend / mine ?

44) it / not easy / start / look / job / his age

45) he / bored / doing / same thing / after / day

46) they / not / happy / during / last / years

47) teacher / allow / take / seat / window

48) child / scream / dentist / pull out / tooth

49) brother / spend / spare time / read books / watch television

50) manager / go / party / although / very busy

C/ Rewrite the following sentences without changing their original meaning. Begin with the given words.

51) He has to pay the bills before the fifth of the month.

The bills …………………………………

52) You remembered posting the letter, didn’t you?

You didn’t ……………………………….

53) It is a six-hour flight from London to New York.

It takes …………………………………..

54) Mrs. Green said to her son, “Be careful when you cross the street !”

Mrs. Green told ………………………….

55) I’m sorry that he isn’t with us now.

I wish ………………………………….




Write a composition from 80 to 120 words on this topic:

The benefits of sports and physical exercises