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(Dayhoctienganh.Net) Bài viết này là phần 31 / 32 trong loạt bài Bí quyết làm bài thi trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh .
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Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that needs correcting. (Hãy chọn từ hoặc cụm từ được gạch dưới [ A, B, C hoặc D] cần phải điều chỉnh lại cho đúng).

1) If I was (A) in his place, I should (B) buy (C) that car for (D) my father.

2) If you went (A) to his office after (B) 10 a.m.,You will see (C) him (D).

3) The great (A) French cathedral of (B) Notre Dame designed (C) in (D) the twelfth century.

4) The new regulation was (A) approve (B) without debate (C) or (D) public comment.

5) The board were (A) asked by (B) the investors to provide (C) details about (D) the merger.

6) If you went (A) to the wedding (B) last night, you would (C) have seen (D) her.

7) The music industry’s platinum records is (A) usually made of (B) nickel and are covered with (C) foil or paint, not (D) platinum.

8) In the electoral college (A), which actually is elected (B) the U.S. President every four years, each (C) state has as many (D) votes as it has members in Congress.

9) If I were (A) on the moon now, I will (B) tidy up (C) the junk that has been (D) left there.

10) On December 7,1941, the Japanese without (A) warning was (B) bombed (C) Pearl Harbour, an American base (D) in the Hawaiian Islands.

11) This building (A) is being (B) build (C) by my community service group (D).

12) It suggested (A) to me by my teacher that I start (B) looking for (C) a job before I finished (D) the program.

13) If the Watergate scandal had not (A) occurred (B). Gerald Ford will (C) never have become (D) president.

14) When (A) journalists use (B) passive voice, they are robbed (C) their (D) sentences of power.

15) A part-time job was offered (A) by one company until (B) I was finished (C) school and could start (D) full-time.

Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C, or D) that best fits the blank space in the sentence. (Hãy chọn từ hoặc cụm từ [A, B, C hoặc D] thích hợp nhất cho khoảng trống của câu).

16) America _____ by Columbus in 1492.

A. discovered B. discovering
C. is discovered D. was discovered

17) Parrots and crows _____ the most intelligent birds.

A. considering B. are considered
C. considered D. was considered

18) If I ­­____ a lottery, I _____ a new house.

A. win/should build B. win/should have built
C. won/should build D. won/should have built

 19) The students ____ that the increase in parking rates is unfair.

A. has been decided B. have been decided
C. have decided D. has decided

20) Influenza and famine _____ over 10 million Africans in 1910s.

A. was killed B. were killed
C. killed D. kill

21) In 1930, Sinclair Lewis won the first Nobel Prize ever ____ to an American writer.

A. to be awarded B. that awards
C. to award D. should be awarding

22) If my son spoke to me that way, I ____ angry.

A. will be B. will have been
C. was D. would be

23) His mother was the first woman ____ representative in this province.

A. who elected B. to be elected
C. her election as D. to elect

24) If my sister ___ to Vietnam in 2003, she ____ our father before he died.

A. have returned/will see
B. had returned/would have seen
C. return/would have seen
D. returned/would have seen

25) Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, who _____ in the third car behind Mr. Kennedy’s, _____ as the 36th President of the United States 99 minutes after Mr. Kennedy death’s.

A. was riding/was swearing
B. rode/was swearing
C. was riding/was sworn in
D. ridden/was sworn in

26) If oil _____ plentiful, there _____ no energy crisis.

A. was/will be B. is/would be
C. were/would be D. were/will be

27) If I ____ a new car last summer, I would have driven to California.

A. had had B. have
C. had D. bought

28) The horse ____ oats when we found him.

A. was eaten B. is eaten
C. was eating D. was being eaten

29) If I ____ to go to China in 1980, I _____ Chinese fluently.

A. decide/would speak
B. decided/will speak
C. decide/should speak
D. had decided/should have spoken

30) We ____ that you _____ a book from the library.

A. told/are taken
B. were told/had taken
C. were told/were taken
D. told/were taken